Deluxe Business Starter Kits* include:

$450 value (*enough supplies to last 1-3 years)

*Your choice of Rose Gold or Black travel case*, 3x Small Silicone Beads, 3x Large Silicone Beads, Scarlett String (3 colors), 3x Student Comb, 3x Scarlett x Roselane Silk Scrunchies, Rose Gold Bead Holder, 5x Rose Gold Curved Needle, 30x Rose Gold Weft Holder Clips, Rose Gold Bead Closer, Rose Gold Bead Opener, Rose Gold Scarlett Scissors, Rose Gold Scarlett Blending Shears, 120 grams Practice Wefts of Hair

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. CH 1. PT 1. Types of Hair, Hair Growth Cycle

    2. CH 1. PT 2. Classification, Methods

    3. CH1. PT 3 History of Hair Extensions

    4. CH 1. PT 4. Scarlett Hair Extensions & Factory

    1. Health & Safety

    2. Submit Barbicide Certification

    1. Download & Print Consultation Form

    2. Pre-Application

    1. Tools, Sectioning Rows, Sectioning Beads PT1

    2. DEMONSTRATION: Tools, Sectioning Rows, Sectioning Beads PT 2

    3. Securing Wefts PT 1

    4. DEMONSTRATION: Securing Wefts PT 2

    5. Secret Stitching, Top Row, Removals PT 1

    6. DEMONSTRATION: Secret Stitching PT 2

    7. DEMONSTRATION: Blending

    1. DEMONSTRATION: Move Up / Styling

    2. DEMONSTRATION: Rat Tail Trick, Shampoo/Conditioner, Brush

    3. Advice From Jenna / Pricing

Secret Beaded WeftsOnline Certification + Black Deluxe

  • 4 x $200.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Pricing Options

Please select your Student Kit. Our Deluxe Business Starter kits are available as a one time purchase or you can choose to split up the payment into 4 equal monthly payments